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Tech Tips, LLC was founded by Cleveland Clinic trained dermatologist, "Sri" Vellanki.  She wanted to be more accurate with her smartphone.  A mobile touchscreen device is not the same as a piece of paper.  Steve Jobs revolutionized the smartphone by creating the iPhone touch interface.  Panning, pinching, and scrolling multi-touch gestures are all needed to work with touchscreens.   Instead of trying to replicate a fingerpad on a writing utensil, Tech Tips brand styluses were developed to work with your hand on a touchscreen.  Multi-touch gestures are unimpeded.  Selections are accurate since the touchscreen display is more fully visualized.  Frustration and errors are reduced for individuals that find touchscreens difficult to use. 


There are 2 products that Tech Tips, LLC has developed.  The first is the Tech Tips brand precision stylus, the other is a an artificial fingernail stylus branded as Nano Nails that replicates the motion of tapping on an object with your fingernails.  As many women are aware, longer fingernails do not work on most currently available touchscreens.  This makes it difficult to be quick and accurate.  Nano Nails solve this problem in an aesthetic and ergonomic way.

Both will be introduced at Eureka Park at the Consumer Electronic Show 2013.


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